Open Your Eyes

Revolutionizing the Perception of light

to match our ability to see at night

We are an innovation company...

that makes lights

Imagine a world where instead of 18 Billion lamps

(in all shapes and sizes)

only 6 billion lamps are produced, packed, shipped and installed each year.

Considering the ENTIRE life cycle cost of our lamps

means inspiring humanity to live more responsibly

Ellipz is an innovation company first, and a lighting company second.


Ellipz Lighting designs LED lighting products utilizing a breakthrough concept, which creates light that perfectly matches the sensitivity of the human eye for indoor and night-time vision. Energy is minimized while creating better visibility for humanity through the design, manufacturing, and distribution of our technologies and products.


We specialize in designing and manufacturing lighting for public spaces. It is in these shared community places where light quality is of the utmost importance. Roads and highways, parking garages, warehouses, parks, schools, hospitals, and other institutions are all reliant on light for well-being and safety. However, traditional lights, including standard LEDs, are not created to match our core visual physiology. Ellipz lights utilize your eye’s night-time receptors, enabling you to see better and brighter, while using less energy than all other lightings solutions available.


We at Ellipz Lighting see both a need and an opportunity to improve the human experience by inspiring people’s ability to live more responsibly and in safer conditions. We have chosen the lighting industry as our “point of access,”and are focused on minimizing waste and lowering energy use. Our philosophy rests in being environmentally and socially responsible instead of focusing solely on maximizing profits. By design, we are cost effective because we can be.


Seeing is believing, and pictures of our projects say more than we could ever do with words. Have a look at the difference our lights make as compared to regular LED lights.