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We are a company focused on saving energy by making the best lighting in the world. We are not focused on selling a million lights, although that would be very nice. Instead our focus is on doing something about global energy problems, helping to reduce our emissions, and creating truly sustainable products.

We make and sell outdoor and indoor LED lighting products utilizing a breakthrough concept in lighting by combining mesopic light with high S/P ratios. This creates light that perfectly matches the sensitivity of the human eye for optimal vision. Our patented concept yields better visibility and color recognition, while using less energy than conventional LED lamps to achieve the same degree of brightness.


Ellipz Lighting has a long history in LED Lighting. The foundation was laid in 2005 in Holland when 2 members of the Philips family, together with inventor John Rooymans started to develop unique LED lighting concepts in their company called Lemnis Lighting.  With strong company development in Europe, Warner Philips spread out to the USA while Frans Otten moved to Asia to be closer to the key development centers of the LED industry and biggest growing markets. Several co-operations and joint ventures were established in Asia and Lemnis Lighting Asia was rebranded to Ellipz Lighting in 2014.”

Since its founding Lemnis Group has sold more than 50,000 LED public lighting products globally, and is a preferred supplier of the Clinton Climate Initiative. Awards won include the Technology Pioneer Award at the World Economic Forum in 2009, The Fast Company Most Innovative Company, The Game Changer of the Year, and the Lighting Africa Award in 2009.
Ellipz Lighting is a natural progression of the spirit that formed Lemnis, and a bold look to the future of lighting on Earth.

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Frans Otten

Frans Otten

Founder & CEO

Frans A. Otten was born in the Netherlands. As a young man, he was immersed in the culture of his family’s business – Philips. With the ability to speak Dutch, English, French, Spanish and German he knew his work in the world could be powerful if he could just align his beliefs with his vocation. After obtaining his law degree from Leiden University,

John Rooymans

John Rooymans

Founder & CTO

In 2005, John Rooymans invented multiple LED applications and founded Lemnis lighting with his company Gemex consultancy and Tendris as financial initiator. Breakthrough LED solutions received the Technology Pioneer Award 2009 from the World Economic Forum. Rooymans was technical advisor for international governmental and public orgs.

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