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Ellipz is an innovation company that manufactures LED lighting for commercial and residential applications. Ellipz advocates that the quality of nighttime human vision should not be reliant on lux levels, a measurement based on photopic light, but instead, we produce lights that are based on the optimal functioning of the human eye’s rods, which help us to see at night. “We match biology with technology,” says CTO John Rooymans, allowing for increased health and productivity as well as high-energy savings and a low environmental impact. With our lights having a lifetime greater than most other LEDs on the market, it’s clear that Ellipz LED lighting will shine as the future of LEDs.

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The Evolution of LED

Evolution of LED

Our purpose is to improve humanity's quality of life. We have chosen lighting as our point of focus, but the impact we are actually having on humanity through our lighting includes: better and longer light and color quality, light that does not affect your sleep cycles (like blue light does), lights that use up less material to manufacture, and light that helps you to see better and clearer, resulting in quicker reaction time and improved productivity in work and public spaces.

Savings: energy, cost, and materials used

Ellipz Lighting knows that lighting can be a source of serious financial and material savings; we have structured our business to offer our customers this added value.
Our LED lights outshine our competitors in material use, energy efficiency, and cost. Our LED lights are more durable than typical LEDs because we do not use phosphors, making the operating temperature of our lights very low, which enhances longevity. Another benefit to having a lower operating temperature is that our lights require less cooling elements, and so our lamps generally weigh half of what competitor’s lights weigh. This means easier installation, lower environmental impact, and far fewer resources used in production.
We guarantee the highest quality lamps and one of the longest lifetimes of all LEDs available, with almost no lifetime drop in light output.  Lastly, all energy and replacement savings result in a short Return on Investment and low Total Cost of Ownership.

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Reaction Time and Productivity

With our patented technology and uniquely designed LED products, we create light that perfectly matches the sensitivity of the human eye which results in sharpened nighttime vision and the best color perception on the market today. The improved light contrast and color recognition created by our bulbs allows people to see better at night and with improved comes quicker reaction time; something that is extremely important for road and public space safety. 
Our lights also help to promote work productivity and precision for improved indoor vision. Consider high speed production lines, detailed factory protocols, and warehousing safety issues. Vision matters and can change your businesses productivity overnight.
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Health Impacts

How can Ellipz LEDs improve one’s health? From affecting sleep to mood to appetite, that's how. 
Many factors can be accounted for in regards to a good night sleep, but one in particular might be a surprise…lighting. The amount of hours, and the quality of those hours, a person sleep’s at night greatly influences their overall health. 
All types of light, especially blue light, can suppress the secretion of melatonin in the body, thus disrupting sleep patterns and throwing off our natural circadian rhythms. Ellipz LED offers a path towards better sleep with lighting technology that emits no blue light, and therefore no melatonin suppression. Along with improving health through better sleep, our LEDs provide safer light for young adults and children who lack the necessary lens protection that comes with age to safely absorb the full spectrum of light, and are therefore susceptible to UV and blue light-damage to the eye.

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