circle  Ellipz Technology

Ellipz has pioneered a breakthrough in how we consider and illuminate public spaces. With our uniquely designed LED modules and lighting products, we create light that perfectly matches the sensitivity of the human eye in the evening with the night-time vision created by our bulbs. 


circle  So what’s the breakthrough?

In the spectral range of LED lights you have the 555 nanometer (Sunlight – orange/yellow) range, which leads to optimal Photopic lumen, which are the one’s a meter reads (even at night time) and are the basis for any regulation around the world for street-lighting. 

circle  How You See

Your eye is made up of cones and rods that help us see color and light. During nighttime or indoor conditions, our rods are primarily used for vision. Rods are very light-sensitive, but are not very good at discerning color. Cones, which helps us focus and see color, only respond to bright light, which is why in low-light conditions we don’t see color very well. 

Why does this matter in your choice of lighting? Believe it or not, productivity, accuracy, even your happiness is affected with different types of lighting. 

Read more here about eye physiology and the hazards of blue light


circle  Our Idea

Unlike other LED manufacturers, we don’t focus on the blue-spectrum with phospors to simulate the daytime eye sensitivity curve with a peak at 555nm -- the Photopic vision. Instead, we focus on the green and red spectrum with as little as possible blue, creating a better Spectral Power Distribution using our cones' preference for green and blue, and leading to higher S/P ratios -- the Scotopic vision. In layman terms, this means we give you better and brighter lights, and true-to-life colors...in essence better visibility while using less energy.

Read more about the science behind our unique technology (ink to “Hear from our inventor” as well as white papers and Q & A section)


circle  Ellipz Technology Advantages Over Other LED's

  • *  We offer the most efficient light and color sensitivity by mixing Cyan, Red and Green LEDs
  • *  We use as little as possible blue light, which distorts color
  • *  We use optics and reflectors vs. directional light
  • *  We use no phosphor in most of our products – except in our SL3 Streetlight in order to meet outdated regulations – which makes our lights last longer
  • *  The weight of our product is generally 40 - 50%  lighter than our competition, which makes installation and shipping easier and cheaper, and our environmental impact much lower
  • *  Our lights have the longest lifetime of most LEDs available
  • *  Our lights have the highest S/P ratio
  • *  Our lamps yield the highest quality light and the best color perception

circle  Additional Company Advantages

  • * Perfect vision: At low light levels the human eye is more sensitive to certain colors. By using those specific colors in our luminaires, we provide better contrast and color recognition which results in perfect visibility.
  • * Energy saving: The combination of our LED technology and the Ellipz Mesopic concept results in energy savings of up to 90% over incandescent lighting.
  • * Cost reduction: Besides energy savings, we also save cost of replacement bulbs and maintenance. This results in a short return on investment and low Total Cost of Ownership.
  • * Durability: We use pure LED chips for our outdoor lights, without the use of phosphors, and the operating temperature of our lights is very low - which greatly enhances longevity. We guarantee high quality and a long operation time with almost no lifetime drop in light output.
  • * Our lamps generally weigh half of what competitor lights weigh. This means  easier installation,  lower environmental impact, and far fewer resources are used in production