Ellipz High Bay HB2

Designed to replace existing conventional LED high bay lights with high distribution and beam angle, the Ellipz HB2 is available in 120w with color temperatures of 3000K, 4000K and 5000K.

Ellipz high bay lights provide perfect uniform illumination through high beam angle, and guarantee a safe working environment through high color rendering and clear vision as a result of the high S/P ratio content. Areas equipped with Ellipz High Bay Lights provide a pleasant and safe working environment at lowest possible power levels. Through the IP66 certification the Ellipz High Bay Lights are durable (50,000 hours at 90% lumen maintenance), secure and easy to maintain.

  • Available in 120w (option for 60w planned for 2015)
  • 3000CCT, 4000CCT and 5000CCT
  • Highest color rendering in the world >90
  • Energy efficient, >75% energy savings (compared to 400w HPS)
  • SP ratio up to 2.2
  • Long lifetime of 50,000 hours (@90% lumen maintenance)
  • Simple retrofit