Flood Light FL1 Series

Ellipz Flood Lights FL1

Our Flood Lights are designed for illuminating applications such as  billboards, building facades, monuments, public places and landscapes. Engineered with excellent CRI, weatherproof (IP66), compact and lightweight characteristics, they are suitable for the replacement of conventional metal halide, HID, HPS and mercury vapor flood lights and wall packs. Available in 60W and 135W with color temperatures of 4000K and 5700K for direct replacement of existing flood lights with metal halide and sodium lamps up to 400W. Ellipz Flood Lights illuminate objects in natural colors. Our lights consume less power compared to conventional metal halide and sodium based flood lights, use up to 200% less energy, and last up to 8 times longer.

Max Gain in Efficiency
60W / 135W 4000K / 5700K Excellent Colors (CRI 91)
Lightweight and Compact
Environmentally Friendly
Simple retrofit

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